Situation Covid-19 dans les écoles: Messages du Président des Tibetan Children Villages

Cher(e)s ami(e)s du Tibet,

Vous trouverez ci-dessous, en version originale anglaise, deux courriers du président des écoles TCV nous informant de la situation actuelle en Inde.


Letter from May 6th, 2020

« Since my last letter dated 21st April 2020 I am happy to inform all our sponsors, donor organizations, friends and well wishers of TCV that our children and coworkers continue to stay safe and sound with around 900 children in all our branches. At the same time we say our prayers for all lives lost and many more who continue to suffer for speedy recovery and that this unprecedented disease to pass out at the earliest and life brought back to normal.

In India, the nationwide lockdown 3.0 has been declared for another 2 weeks from 4th May to 17th May. However, each state and districts within that state have differences in the directives and guidelines to be followed by zone classification.

On the whole, the state/districts have been divided into 3 zones i.e. red, orange and green –Red Zone termed as hot spots and are in total lockdown, orange having past positive cases but not anymore where some relaxations allowed and green being totally clean of any cases and no lockdown.

Our Kangra district where we have– Upper TCV, Lower TCV, Gopalpur, and Suja is under Orange Zone.  By this, people can go out of their homes to buy essentials from 9 AM-2 PM daily.  Shops and restaurants are opened partly, but people are not allowed to sit and eat in the restaurants.  They can order and take away the food items home.  Private cars and taxis can move around during the relaxation period within the district, but with only 50% passengers, keeping the social distancing guidelines in mind and with face masks on when they go out.  However, air, rail and public road transportations are still on lockdown. Likewise, TCV Chauntra in Mandi District and TCV Selekaui/ITI Selekui are also under Orange Zone and relaxation as per their district relaxation directives.

In Karnataka State in the South, TCV Bylakuppe is located within the Tibetan Settlement where there is no case of any outbreak so far but all precautionary measures are in place by the settlers themselves as per guidelines of the local authorities and the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) but lockdown is in place as of present. Although Bangalore is under Red Zone, but the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education (DLIHE) is situated on the outskirts and is safe enough. The Institute has been closed down since the first lockdown and except for students coming from far off distances, others have been sent home. For those remaining, the management is taking all necessary steps to ensure safety in the campus.

In Ladakh, unfortunately two new positives cases have been reported recently and so Leh district is under Red Zone.  But since 3rd March with our school closers children continue to remain with their parents and relatives. Our biggest concern is the Old People’s Home that we have in Choglamsar but all precautionary measures being taken for their good care and safety. In Janganthang – Hanley,  Sumdo and Nyuoma, there is no cases of the outbreak but the schools are also closed for safety measure.

The two Youth Hostels – Delhi and Bangalore which are red under Red Zone,  are also closed and except for those students coming from far off places, the rest have left and those remaining safe and sound. The Delhi Day School and the Mcloed Day school are also closed since 3rd March.

Although our schools are closed now for almost two months, but our subject teachers particularly for those in higher classes are doing online teachings in English, Tibetan, Science, Mathematics etc., The Department of Education of the CTA is taking the lead supporting and financing the online teachings with our subject teachers and others as resources. We take this opportunity to thank the DoE as it has benefited many students. Many of our teachers are also arranging online teachings on their own initiations from their homes.  We are encouraging them for continuation and if needed support from the Head Office.

On reopening of our Schools, we will know only after the lockdown 3 what the Centre and the State Governments announces. The CTA has announced that all Tibetan schools will remain closed till 5th of June 2020.

Given the number of children that we have (over 7500) in our different branches and presently under lockdown in different states across the country – red, orange and green zones, we need to proceed carefully considering how situation improves for the better in the whole country. We might even decide reopening in a phase out class wise manner if it deem necessary to ensure safety of our children.

I am sorry for this long letter and taking your precious time to read through. But since our sponsors are so dear to us and are the lifeline of our work for the care and education of our children, I feel it is important to inform you all and stay safe!

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely, »

Thupten Dorjee (Mr.)

President – TCV Head Office


Letter from April 21st, 2020

« At this time of unprecedented Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, it is disturbing to see so many lives being lost and many more suffering, I write here with our prayers that everything with you, the board members and our sponsors in Luxembourg  are well, safe and sound. We  will continue to say our prayers for this terrible virus to pass at the earlier, so that we can return back to our normal lives again.

As you and our sponsors might be deeply concerned about TCV and the children, I write here to say that fortunately for  TCV,  the Management was quite well aware of the danger of this COVID 19 much before it actually started spreading in India. We issued a memo on 17th February 2020 to all our branches on the precautionary measures that we have to take. Subsequent to this memo, the Directors and Principals of our five TCV branches in H.P State along with the Head Office management met three times to further discuss on the measures to be taken including quarantine facilities in the event of an outbreak in any of our branches.

Our schools were to reopen for the new academic session 2020 on 3rd of March 2020 and because of news of outbreak of the virus in Delhi and around areas, the management decided to close down the schools indefinitely and all children below class VIII who have returned from their winter holidays sent back with their parents, relatives who had come to drop the children to the schools.We now realize we took the right decision because in spite of our best efforts, it would be very difficult to manage with so many children – nearly 7,500 children in all of TCV.

After the closer of the Schools on 3rd of March, we had a total of 3,539 children remaining in all of TCV – mainly regular classes for Class IX, X and XII (new batch) and those sitting for CBSE Board exams for Class X and XII and a smaller number of children remaining in the homes. However, with the CBSE remaining exams having postponed and the Government declaring complete lock down till April 14, 2020 those students sitting for their exams were also sent home except for the far off distances.

So right now we have total of 924 children in all our branches – mostly elder ones sitting for the exams and fewer number of smaller children having nowhere to go. The latest position is  whole of India will continue to remain locked down till 3rd of May 2020.

As of present all our branches and allied projects right from Ladakh down to Bylakuppe are safe and sound We continue to observe all precautionary measures – staying inside, working from home, social distancing  and all necessary steps taken to ensure safety in the campuses. Although the virus is still spreading in India but the Central and State Government is doing everything possible to contain the spread and in this regard India is doing quite well when compared to some of the developed countries. Luckily, our State Himachal Pradesh is now not listed as a Red Zone Spot in India and some relaxation might be allowed for normal life after 3rd May 2020 unless situation worsens. However, unless the situations improve for the better and safe enough, our schools will continue to remain closed for the time being. We will inform you as and when this happens.

So, kindly do inform all our sponsors and friends that TCV is safe and we are doing everything within our reach to ensure  safety of our children and coworkers.

With best wishes and stay Safe!

Yours sincerely, »

Thupten Dorjee (Mr.)

President – TCV Head Office


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