Children sponsorship

The sponsorship consists in taking in charge the expenses of the education of a Tibetan child in a TCV (Tibetan Children Village) school in India. This cost, around 30 EUR/month, covers the lodging, the food, the clothes and the all scholar expenses.
This sponsorship can be done in two ways:

  •  the direct sponsorship : the sponsor supports a particular child and can correspond with him. The association gets regularly requests from TCV for sponsoring. The interested people can choose their godson : boy or girl, age,…. The follow-up of the sponsorship is done on both sides by the association and by TCV to be sure that the money sent reaches the pupil independently of the schools he attends by age and studies.


    A sponsorized pupil in a TCV school

  •  the school sponsorship : the sponsor supports a school or the TCV organization in general, instead of a child in particular. The sponsorship is therefore used to support the schools through development projects which are cofinanced by the Luxembourgish Ministry of Cooperation.

Les Amis du Tibet, Luxembourg have for example already built classrooms, toilets, dormitories,… they have also financed solar panels waterfiltering systems, etc. in different TCV schools (Bir, Chauntra, Dharamsala…).

The gifts given to the association for the sponsorships can be deducted from the incomes declared to the Luxembourg tax department


Visits to the TCV schools are regularly organized to allow the sponsors and members to meet their godsons.